We would love to hear from you. Your feedback is important to us, so please drop us a line at or call us at (847) 818-0777. Below are a few things our clients have told us.

My family and I just returned from 4D Imaging LLC in Arlington Hts. We are 27 weeks. I'll save all the hyperbolic language for another day, but what a tremendous experience. Wonderfully inviting atmosphere made us feel comfortable immediately - tranquil music, dimmed lights, big bed. could not have been more pleasant and professional. But most importantly, the images generated were stunning. We got our first glimpse at our baby daughter. It is not something we will forget. Truly a day to remember. Simply my opinion, but I judge every place of business I go to on the most rudimentary of questions - How did it make me feel? 4D Imaging made us feel special and comfortable on a pretty important day. Jeff G. 3/4/15
We had so much fun showing Paz and Ruben their baby!!! Thank you Liz 2/23/15
My husband and I had a 3D ultrasound done at 28 weeks. All of the standard ones we have had through my OB never got a clear profile and/or face shot of our baby boy, but we FINALLY got to see him! The pictures were amazing, the DVD is awesome, and we did share the video link with family. We didn't get a stuffed animal, but we did at least buy the heartbeat recorded on a little heart button. Very awesome experience, will definitely do this on any future pregnancies. Amanda T. 2/15
Absolutely wonderful experience! My husband, mother, and sister all came. The room was very comfortable, relaxing, and plenty of room for everyone to enjoy. The experience was so personal and we came home with a DVD of a video and pictures. It was so fun to share the excitement and see the baby moving around. I would recommend 4D Imaging to anyone! Jamie K. 2/16/15
Could not have had a better experience!!! We had our 20 at my hospital on my 7 y/o birthday bc he asked if we could find out what the baby was on his bday. This being my 3rd I know that you can't always find out, but when I asked the tech to please look she ignored me and told me my kids had leave the room when my husband got there... So now everyone was going to miss out??? The woman didn't try and gave me 3 pics of arms, a spine, and a bad face... Never in 3 pregnancies had I been so poorly treated and ignored. We were so upset that I searched for a 3D ultrasound place near me and came across 4D Imaging. They answered the phone at 10:50pm!!! I just wanted to leave a message for an appointment, but they listened to my experience and said it was unacceptable that we were treated that way, then booked us for an appt 3 days later!!! We're just over the moon with professionalism and inclusion of our family in the whole process. My kids got to ask questions and find out we're having a Girl with us, so much love and excitement! Thank you a million times!! PS the pricing is totally affordable!!! Emily Ann 2/16/15
Thank you so very much! We had a great experience and were beyond happy to find out at 17weeks that we are having a baby girl!!! Loved our visit and plan to go back! Olivia P. 2/12/15
A friend and I came in yesterday for an ultrasound and I wanted to compliment our tech. She was GREAT! So friendly and made the appointment that much better. She represented you well and I will be coming back in a few weeks for mine now! Shannon J 2/11/15
Great job by 4D Imaging LLC. Clear image that allowed us to see what our little blessing would look like in advance. C.Colon 2/10/15
Today my husband and I went to get our 4D done. We were blown away by our experience. The room in which the imaging is done is just adorable. Made me feel very comfortable and was very caring in helping me move into good positions to see the baby. She was patient and explained everything we were seeing! Definitely recommend this office to anyone pregnant and wants a unique comfortable experience! :) L. Perez 2/8/15
We had a great experience at 4D Imaging! Loved that we were able to come on a Sunday morning and bring family members along for this special occasion. They have great hours to choose from to set up your session. They were very accommodating with making sure that I was comfortable the entire time. We got lots of great pictures that we can now share with family and friends. I would highly recommend them! Liz C. 2/8/15
My wife, Laurie, and I loved this place. They are so caring, gentle, and take their time. They are so patient and very attentive with movements. We both recommend this business. You will not be let down or disappointed. amazing!!! Thank you again for a great experience. God willing if we are blessed with another child WE WILL be returning! Richard P. 2/8/15
I can't say better things about this facility! I was originally signed up for the sunday special package, which is an INCREDIBLE deal in itself, but had to cancel due to the 2/1 snow storm. I was willing to pay more since my new appointment wasn't on the weekend, but they honored the price. I showed up with my parents, sister, and toddler brother for the ultrasound. Made us all extremely comfortable, and the ultrasound room was great. During my ultrasound, she did everything she could to make sure baby girl was positioned correctly, and kept a constant flow of conversation. There were some toys to keep the younger man occupied when he started to get stir crazy, and sent him home with a rice krispy treat. I can't say enough great things about my experience, and I will definitely recommend 4D Imaging to anyone looking for a unique experience! H. Langer. 2/3/15
Beyond satisfied with my visit! My ultrasound tech was so nice, she performed great customer service. Plus the video & pictures where absolutely perfect! Defiantly planning a 2nd visit. Thank you so much. Ana C. 12/31/14
We had a pretty impersonal and rushed experience in the hospital with our first pregnancy! Imagine the disappointment of a mother seeing her baby for the first time :( I was devastated! We called 4D imaging a week later hoping to make up for the bad experience and they went above and beyond! Not only did they find out the gender of my baby girl but it was so warm and comfortable there a really sweet memorable experience! I refer them to all of my friends :) E. Maese 12/8/14
My husband and I just had our appointment this past Saturday and we were BLOWN away by the visit. The room was so homey and comfortable. The level of service far surpassed our expectations. We got to see so many pictures of our baby. The session was very interactive and she explained what we were seeing and the movements he was making. We came away with an experience that we will never forget not to mention tons of adorable pictures. I HIGHLY recommend 4D Imaging to anyone looking for 3D images of their baby. The prices were also very reasonable for everything our package included. Amazing experience. Cannot say enough good things! A. Daluga 12/8/14
Had a real nice experience. We went at 18 weeks and the technician was more than nice. Love the heartbeat teddy bear! M.Green 12/4/14
★★★★★ B. Weegar 12/3/14
We had a great time at our appointment yesterday. We didn't have a very good experience at our Doctors office ultrasound and was hoping for something more personal, which we received. F & A Charles 11/10/14
★★★★★ I was so incredibly impressed with this place. I loved it!!! The facility itself was very calming and comfortable for my daughter (who was the one getting the ultrasound). The baby was giving us a hard time to turn his face but the technician was so patient and had tons of ideas to get him to show his face. We were able to get tons of pictures of my grandson and even took home his heartbeat in a beautiful teddy bear. I can't say enough about this place! I truly loved everything about 4D Imaging LLC!" C. Colon 11/3/14
I should have scheduled my session in the AM or at night, my baby has been super active for the last hour and a half. I had such a great experience yesterday and can't thank you enough for being so kind to us. Denise 11/3/14
★★★★★ Love this place. A.Tapia 10/30/14
4D Imaging LLC. is an EXCELLENT place to experience! It is such a comforting setting and was really attentive. She was very careful to respect our wishes not to know the gender of our now baby girl. If anyone wants a lot of detailed, meticulous pictures and an attentive technician it is most definitely worth it and you should not hesitate pay for this service. It is wallet friendly and this is a lasting memory :)))). John B. 10/24/14
★★★★★ amazing! At 28 weeks we got to see our sweet son with our parents. It was definitely a memorable experience! Becca A. 10/19/14
★★★★★ We went to see our baby at 30 weeks and the video and pictures we received were awesome! was so nice and just as excited about seeing the baby as we were. She took time to explain to us everything on the screen. When I have more children I will definitely be returning and I highly recommend this place to everyone. Tiffany C. 10/16/14
"Its an amazing experiance. We went for gender reveal and sneak peak onto 3d it was amazing time with our baby! Id reccomend it to anyone." Dragana M. 10/15/14
He always sleeps with his hand like this lol so cute thnx again for the wonderful experience u gave me of seeing my baby 3d before I actually got to hold him in my arms u were great . Ana L. 10/5/14
I went here when i was 16 weeks and found out i was having a girl they were right! My baby is now 6 months old thanks ladies!!!!! Guera 10/3/14
We have always enjoyed our 3D ultrasound sessions and that's why we've come back for our second child. As I had mentioned, our first born looked very similar to his 3d ultrasound. Thanks again for always being wonderful to us throughout the process. You're awesome! Yvonne, EJ, Ethan,and baby#2 9/23/14
I absolutely love this place! an amazing woman, with a lot of patience! She tried sooo... hard to get a good picture of our baby boy. Sadly, he wouldn't move his arms, so she rescheduled us for another day. Even though the drive is 40 minutes each way, it is worth it! I would recommend this place to all pregnant women! Thank you! Mariah S 9/15/14
An experience of a lifetime! I would recommend 4D Imaging to everyone. With the comforting environment and how patient and kind. I would go here again! Ali C. 9/11/14
"This place is amazing!!!!!!!!!! The price is awesome and the service is wonderful." Jasmine B. 8/31/14
My husband and I came last night and had an amazing experience! the tech was so friendly and warm and make us feel so comfortable. We also were able to see our baby girl dance around! We had an amazing experience and will definitely recommend it to other pregnant women! Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!! Megan W. 8/26/14
My husband and I had a wonderful experience at 4D Imaging. We are pregnant with our second baby and wanted to know the gender before my doctor does gender reveal at 20 weeks. The ultra sound technician made sure to see the gender three times before she announced what her opinion was, therefore there was less room for error. She was friendly and had a nice, clean, relaxing room with cute stuffed animals to purchase and have a recording of the babies heartbeat placed inside. I will definitely be returning if we decide to do early gender reveal on our third baby and would recommend 4D Imaging to friends and family. The only thing I would do differently is I would schedule for a longer appointment. We chose the 10 minute appointment and it was a little difficult to get the baby to be in the right position in such a short amount of time. In order to get the most accuracy, I'd pay for the longer session next time. Thanks for a wonderful experience 4D Imaging! Anne M. 8/16/14
"I was your last appointment and I was thrilled and excited and I just wanted to pay a compliment. The technician was very nice and was just as happy to see my baby as I was." S.Haze 7/23/14
My session was wonderful. The atmosphere was calming and relaxing. You made my husband and myself feel welcome and comfortable the entire time. The technician was wonderful and very friendly. She was helpful in pointing out different things during the ultrasound and seemed to love doing it. Thanks again! Molly O. 7/18/14
It was a beautiful experience for all of us, definitely is a nice and friendly person, we felt very comfortable, thanks for everything. V. Valen 7/6/14
Thank you for seeing us today. It was our 3rd visit. I'm addicted to seeing my little girl. Samantha H. 7/4/14
God Bless thank you again for the wonderful 3d experience when I was 18 weeks pregnant. My son Lawrence jr. is such a great big brother and he adores her so much! Corrietha & Family 6/24/14
I have to give them 5 stars! I went for the Sunday special and added a heartbeat animal. The lady that helped was very friendly, full of knowledge and made the whole experience comfortable and painless! We got great images, left with everything we paid for without having to wait (image cd, live stream cd, photos, and the hearbeat animal) Not to mention they gave an excellent gift bag, the best I've received from any baby related activity I've done so far. Although the location of the building was a little difficult to find, I am so glad I chose this location and I would highly recommend going here for a 3d/4d ultrasound! This was completley worth every penny. Don't even think of going anywhere else!!! 6/1/14 Kerri Schultz
Our session was wonderful! This is our second pregnancy and we came to your office for an ultrasound for our first child as well. The technician was extremely friendly and very complementary and comforting throughout the appointment. It couldn't have gone any better! Thank you for the wonderful experience. R. Ryan 5/11/14
We had such a great experience with our scans. We had a scan a few months ago to find out if we are having a boy or girl, and a scan last weekend to peek and see who our baby looks like. She was super helpful. Even though I followed her instructions with drinking and eating, my baby was taking a nap during our second scan. She had me to some exercises to wake the baby up. I love the pictures, video and teddy bear (with the heartbeat). I highly recommend 4D Imaging! C.Leahy 5/7/14
just the sweetest! Thank you so much. You were able to capture some great images and my 3yr old just loved being able to see her little sister. Meghan May 5/14
My family & I highly recommend!!! Such a wonderful experience. Friendly ultrasound technician, beautiful environment to be in the room was so cozy and decorative with comfortable bed to lay on. She took her time with ultrasound to make sure we saw our baby and got all the images we needed. Very nice inviting place! Lacey E. 4/11/14
I went yesterday for my ultrasound, I did the Sunday special and was more than pleased!! So sweet, attentive and caring! Her calm personality made the experience amazing! She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she loves what she does!! I highly highly recommend her and her place to anyone looking for a 3d/4d ultrasound! Prices were very reasonable as well!! My family went with me and they were also very happy and loved the experience!! Aurora D. 2/24/14
My family & I highly recommend!!! Such a wonderful experience. Friendly ultrasound technician, beautiful environment to be in the room was so cozy and decorative with comfortable bed to lay on. She took her time with ultrasound to make sure we saw our baby and got all the images we needed. Very nice inviting place! Lina 2/18/14
"Thank you so much for everything today! My boyfriend Dave and I were beyond pleased with the services and are overjoyed with the pictures and video! I absolutely love being able to hold on to my elephant and listen to my little girl's heartbeat as well. Both of our parents were so excited to be a part of the experience. You have made our pregnancy even more special. It was amazing to see her move and then feel it at the same time. Every mom should experience this at least once in their life. Being able to see her has made me even more anxious to meet her! Thank you so much for everything again and we will defiantly recommend you to our friends and family in the future :) " S.Cochrane 2/1/14
We came a few weeks ago and was able to share our experiences with our family, near and far (in Texas) on this Christmas Day - A great surprise for all! . Jason 12/25/13
Was the best experience of my life, prior to having my son. Amazing job guys. J. Miller 12/16/13
This is a wonderful place so relaxing and peaceful. Would recommend this place to anyone having a baby. The heartbeat of my baby inside a stuffed animal is so neat. Thank you again for today. Diane B 12/15/13
Service was awesome and it was an amazing experience!! We will recommend you to our friends and you are on the list for the next time :-) Mandy 12/15/13
This was amazing and now my baby is one I want another one just to do this again. Alicia Marie 12/6/13
This place is fabulous! Wonderful staff, clean, comfortable waiting room and adorable US room. I highly recommend purchasing the stuffed animal that plays your baby's heartbeat. I treasure mine from both babies. 4D imaging is amazing!! Ashley 11/5/13
We had such a great time. Thank you! My husband thought it was amazing to see our daughter yawn really big. You guys did such a great job. We love our pictures on CD, my mom was able to see the pictures through email.Eve 10/06/13
I had such an amazing experience here! I went in at 31 weeks to get a peek at our little girl and they did such a great job! The room is comfortable and the employees are so kind. I would highly recommend them! Samantha S.9/13
What an experience!!! You guys rock!!! This is a must for everyone if you want to know the sex of your baby. They are very patient and kind there. The room is very inviting. Thank you again....We are having Twin Girls!!! 8/27/13
You made the experience so much better and more comforting! Your spirit was uplifting and you gave me great pictures. I truly appreciate your time and skill! It was awesome to experience my baby “smiling” too!. Rachel 8/23/13
My husband and I got to share the gander reveal at home together! The place was very clean, made you comfortable and the staff was wonderful! We have watched our DVD many times! Thank you! Ashley 8/16/13
I found my visit to be very comfortable. The technician was very friendly and informative while we were going through the images. I would highly recommend this place. Thank you for taking the time with me. McKenzie 7/8/13
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!! It was amazing. Your establishment is so wonderful and beautiful!! Thank you!!! And the tech who did it was wonderful. This was much appreciated ;-) T.Miller 6/17/13
Words can not express how truly thankful my husband and I are for being given this wonderful opportunity to see our precious little girl. Deployment has been rough and this has definitely been something we've both looked forward to. Thank you so much!!! C. Ebbing 6/15/13
You were kind, and patient. You made my son feel happy about having a sister because he was pouting because he wanted a brother. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. We watched the DVD in the car and at home we are so grateful to have experienced something as great as looking into our unborn child's world in my belly. Be blessed and I will be sure to send a picture when I deliver in November. C.Bolden 6/9/13
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience Sunday! It was so amazing to see our sweet girl all cozied up and growing. You made the whole experience very special and exciting. Thank you for taking the time to get some really great shots :) Becky L. 5/21/13
Thank you so much for giving us the best news ever yesterday, we are so excited for our little girl and for our little guy to be a big brother! He loves his Jake coloring book he got from you and shows everyone his baby's heartbeat in the ladybug stuffed animal. Can't wait to come back for clearer shots after 28 weeks :) Amanda H. 4/29/13
Thank you so much for a fun morning having a peek at our little guy and seeing what he is up to! You were amazing, what a wonderful experience. And thank you for making our boys feel so honestly go above and beyond! Natalie 4/18/13
Thank you for an amazing experience today! We couldn't have imagined it any better you were wonderful! Emily W. 3/17/13
Thank you for the awesome experience! You had room for all of us while Mommy and Daddy and big sister got to find out if they were getting a little brother or a little sister, and Auntie got to see if she was getting another niece or a nephew. This grandma was in awe!!! Shar 2/23/13
We just wanted to say thank you so very much for such an amazing experience! The atmosphere of your office is like that of a spa, not cold like a doctor's office. It was so serene and comfortable. And the time you spent with us explaining everything we were seeing, and the pictures you took are priceless. Also, not only was this a wonderful experience for us, but our 4 year old daughter and my parents as well. Thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime. I will be sure to spread the word. We wish you much success as you definitely deserve it! Roger and Nikki 2/17/13
What can I say Yolanda? I'm speechless, you're truly a kind hearted person and I'm glad I found your place. I appreciated how you've worked around my busy work schedule and even though my appointment was very late and I picked the cheapest package, you didn't rush or made me feel like I was just "a number." You're easy to talk to, personable, and that outgoing personality you have sets you apart from literally ANY appointments I've EVER been to and I'm grateful for that, can't ask for a better person. Keep doing what you're doing and fill as many hearts as you can with your care and love!!!...1/2013- Twee
thank you again for another awesome experience today! I can't stop looking at the new pictures of our daughter!!! You did such an EXCELLENT job and you are fantastic at what you do! Our son also thanks you for his gifts today, he felt so special that you thought of him!!! 1/22/13 J.LoBue
I wanted to express my sincere Thank You for a wonderful second experience with you. You were so patience with our baby and you were trying so hard to get us great pictures but he was being stubborn. I was truly touched when I left your office and you did make my weekend but your extra gesture. I came home and that simple little act of kindness really just made me feel special. Armando and I truly Thank You for your being so kind and patience with us. As soon as our little guy makes his grand appearance I will send you a picture! Lots of Love, Maria, Armando, Armando Jr, & soon to be baby Elizarraraz 12/10/12
Thank you so so much for such an amazing adventure today!!! Waiting to do this was by far the best decision I have made as well as doing the ultrasound all together! You have warmed a piece of everyone's hearts in our family and we all truly appreciate this gift you have provided us this afternoon!!! Thank you again! 12/9/12 Megg & Luis
We want to thank you for being so caring,warm, and kind. I can't even begin to explain how appreciative we are for all of your patience you have had with our shy sleeping baby! Not many places would let us come back for free to see our baby's little face. Having this be our first, you have helped make our experience so special! I know I will come back to 4D Imaging with any future babies we have. I would recommend this facility to anyone I know that is expecting a child. Thank You! 12/9/12 Jillian, Jake and Annie
I referred my gf she brought her daughter there and she said she loved it Yolanda! 11/16/12 Alicia Marie
Yolanda, you are Amazing! Thank you for helping me meet my fundraising goal. Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, Families of children diagnosed with DMD and I are so grateful for your support. The generous amount you donated will help find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Together, we can help cure those diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Thank You! 11/10/12 Yesenia Villasenor
We cannot say thank you enough for such an amazing time with you! Not only was it absolutely amazing to see our little one, but the time you take and the genuine joy you have doing your job is admirable, and that's an understatement. Thank you both so much for amazing pictures we received, we've enjoyed so much showing the DVD to our family, and we can't wait to come back again at 30 weeks to see how big our little peanut has grown!!! 10/30/12 J. LoBue
I loved this appt. Thank-you for making it so exciting for our family! 10/28/12 Alicia Ackerman
"Thanks again! She absolutely loved them!! U r amazing!" 10/22/12 Brittani
Thank you for our session yesterday it was a great experience for everyone....can't wait to come back in 9 weeks :).9/26/12 Nicole North-Loire
Thank you for your generous Chicago Marathon Sponsorship to Children's Oncology Services, Inc. your support enables us to operate the One Step At A Time programs for kids with cancer. Each year, more than 400 children participate in the One Step At A Time programs. These programs allow kids to enjoy the simple joys of childhood despite their diagnosis. Pediatric cancer often places an enormous financial burden on a family. Your generosity helps us keep our promise to never turn a child away. On behalf of our volunteers, board of directors and especially our campers, thank you. 9/21/12 Genie Kutchins
One of the best experiences I have had being pregnant was being able to see my daughter for the first time. My family and I wanted to thank you so much on the wonderful movie/pictures. You were so kind and patient and you were wonderful to have do my ultra sound. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.8/6/12 - Hasana Beba Bryant
Thank you so much for showing Levi & I our baby, it was so magical!!!! We really appreciate what you do! I will refer you to everyone I know!8/5/12 - Jacki Koch
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time!!! Our stubborn baby would not open it's legs... but after a few minutes over our scheduled session time, and patience from you, we found out.... IT"S A BOY!! I will be calling to set up a 3D appt in about 10 weeks! :)8/2/12 - Christy Knudson
Thank you for yesterdays session. We were so excited to see our little guy!
Great pics and video! :)7/23/12 - Shauna Wells Haines
Thank you SO much! We were thrilled to have such an attentive and personable experience to find out we are having our third baby girl. The whole experience was excellent.
Thank you thank you thank you :-)7/8/12 - Abbie 'Olson' Keibler
Yolanda, I just want to let you know that I had an awesome experience with you. I wish I would have known about you earlier!! I have every intention of going back. I recommend this place 100%. Thanks again for making my experience the best!!6/29/12 - Bianca Arroyo-Mendoza
Thank you SO much for helping us meet our little girl on Sunday!! Our daughter loves her pink puppy that plays her new baby sister's heartbeat, she sleeps with it every night!! :)5/31/12 - Carley Mehrholz Alt
Thank you so much for making my 2 year wedding anniversary gift
to my husband so perfect!5/30/12 - Shannon Binford
Thank you so much the pictures and dvd were wonderful we enjoyed the ultrasound so much and so great to see our little boy!4/29/12 - Jennifer Letarte Mroch
This was one of the BEST expieriences! Thank you, Yolanda and staff for helping make this such a great memory!4/17/12 - Felicia Kelley
Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and DVD. we had such a great experience. We will def recommend you. thanks so much for the precious pictures.4/6/12 - Stephanie Brandt
4D Imaging is a great place to get your baby's pictures and video. The pictures are amazing. This business has an awesome atmosphere. The set up is very comfortable and the service is great. I would definitely recommend it.3/12 - Mafe Otalora
We loved this place! It was so clean and the staff was so wonderful!
Could not asked for a better day.3/12 - Corrie Ann Wimmer
My husband and I had the best experience.
I would recommend 4D Imaging to all expecting moms.3/12 - Sara Hilton
We love our pictures and video from our session last weekend! Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to see our baby before her big arrival. :-)2/29/12 - Tiffany Cincotta-Janzen
Anyone looking for a 3D/4D imaging studio, this place is great! Yolonda is a very warm and kind person that made the experience special from the moment we walked in the door. It was a great experience and I would recommend this company to anyone looking to preserve memories of your baby before they are born!2/12 - Stacey Henk Hopman
OMG! Love you guys sooo much! you made my whole day, and pregnancy!! So much better and nicer than the ultrasound lady at my doctors office! Wish i would've known about you when i was pregnant the first time, and i will definetly be back in the future and ALWAYS reccommend you to all my friends!! Thank you so sooo much for letting us know about our baby GIRL!!!1/25/12 - Liz Vergin
There was nothing routine about our visit. I was amazed at how much care and passion this woman has for her customers.1/12 - Daane Hoffman
WOW! I can't say enough about the wonderful experience my husband and I had. Yolanda and everyone at 4D Imaging made you feel very at home. They were professional, fun, loving, personable and so much more. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to have a 4D Ultrasound. They were awesome! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience 4D Imaging.12/11 - Karen Jo Whitlock Blixt
This group has the nicest people. We went there for Molly's 3D Ultrasound and will be going for her little sisters. Hopefully her little sis lets us see her!!!12/11 - Stephanie Marie
Yolanda was awesome with her energy, professionalism & thoroughness.11/9/11 - Krista Marchiando-Baldwin
WOW! Talk about top of line customer service. I felt like I hit the lottery by the time I had left. Yolanda was wonderful. She knew what she was doing and was very down to earth. I had an appointment set with another company but I am so glad I found Yolanda instead. She was even able to fit us in same day. I brought my 2 y/o with me and they treated her so well. They gave her all kinds of gifts and made her feel just as special as the one we came to see.

I cannot say enough great things about Yolanda and 4D Imaging. Her prices were so reasonable and the amount you get for the $100 package is well, well worth it. Plus she gives you a nice gift bag. Like I said, I felt like like I hit the lottery. I would highly recommend Yolanda and 4D Imaging to anyone looking to get a sneak peak of baby. Well worth it!11/11 - Jaime Close Laird