Frequently Asked Questions

Ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of internal structures. A small, hand held probe is used to send sound waves out and also to receive and record the sound waves when they bounce back. The sound waves used in 2D and 3D/4D ultrasound are the same. The difference lies in the sophistication of the transducer and the computer software within the ultrasound machine. Our state of the art ultrasound machine is a highly specialized computer that translates the returning sound waves into images for viewing on its computer monitor.

Does your facility have a Certified Sonographer?
Yes, we have a ARDMS certified Sonographer on staff.

When is the best time for an elective ultrasound?
For 2D imaging: beginning at 15 weeks of pregnancy
For 3D/4D Imaging: 18 weeks or greater (best time is between 26-30) Gender Check:16-24 weeks

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. An appointment is required. Please call us to schedule an appointment (847)818-0777. Please note that weekend and evening appointments fill up quite quickly. 24 hour cancellation is appreciated.

What can I do to assist in obtaining the best ultrasound?
Prior to the day of your elective ultrasound, drinking your doctor's recommended daily amount of water may result in better 4d imaging. It is also fun to see the baby in motion during the elective ultrasound . Eating something light or drinking juice 15 minutes before your visit can assist in increasing baby's activity. Regardless of your efforts, the baby may sleeping during the scan. We encourage you to enjoy your baby's activity and we'll do our part to work with your baby.

Is a full bladder needed?
No, since our ultrasounds are elective and non-diagnostic, a full bladder is not required.

Does your facility offer medical diagnostic ultrasounds?
No, we focus ONLY on the pleasure of viewing your baby before it is born. Medical ultrasounds are to be obtained by your physician.

What can we see in 2D?
Two-dimensional imagery appears as an outline of the baby. It is ideal for viewing heartbeat, real-time fetal activity and gender. A regular 2D ultrasound can be performed anytime after 12 weeks, but 18 weeks or later is recommended for gender determination.

Why do ultrasounds start in 2D then transfer to 4D?
In order to capture the correct angle of the baby for 4D viewing, the ultrasound session needs to start in 2D. In order to obtain the baby's face image in 4D the baby needs to be in a profile position(side view, seeing the baby's nose) in 2D.

Are 3D/4D ultrasounds safe?
Research in the last 50 years show no harm to the developing baby from ultrasound scanning. Ultrasound is one of the safest means available for scanning unborn babies. When it comes to safety there is no difference between 3D and traditional 2D Ultrasounds because both ultrasound methods use the same kind of sound waves. Since the beginning of ultrasound applications in pregnancy in the 1950's, there have been no reported short or long-term risk to unborn babies. Your physician is always your best source of information for any health concerns.You must be under the care of a physician to use our service.

Why get a 3D/4D ultrasound?
Seeing your baby before he/she is born enhances and increases the bonding experience for all family members. Increased bonding has been shown to improve the parents' care of themselves and may increase the father's level of participation in the pregnancy, which may also increase his sensitivity towards the mother.

What is the difference between 3D and 4D?
Watching the baby's movement. 4D technology represents the difference between video and a still 3D photograph. Through this advanced technology, your baby's image is viewed in live action.

Can friends or family come with me for my appointment?
We welcome your family and friends to share the joy of this treasured experience. For your comfort, we ask that you limit guests to 6.

When will I receive the pictures and video?
At the end of the session.

Is this procedure covered by insurance?
No, insurance reimbursement is not provided for elective ultrasounds. We accept cash, MasterCard or Visa.